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Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Tequila Sunrise

I was running out of drink ideas - my 2009 "learn to mix drinks" project took off in earnest on January 1, but I haven't thought about a new drink for awhile. Then today someone mentioned (at church, by the way!) that I should try a Tequila Sunrise. It sounded good to me.

The Tequila Sunrise is said to have been invented at the Arizona Biltmore Country Club in the late 1960's. It is named for the sunset coloring 9 months every year in the Phoenix area. Really - it's a beautiful drink. And a beautiful hotel.

There are a number of variations. Here are a few:
Tequila Sunset - blackberry brandy instead of Grenadine
Astronaut Sunrise - Tang instead of o.j.
Vodka Sunrise - Vodka instead of Tequila
Caribbean Sunrise - Rum instead of Tequila
Cranberry Sunrise - cranberry juice instead of Grenadine

David's Swizzle Stick Rating:
The Tequila Sunrise - 4 Swizzle Sticks

Tequila Sunrise - 6 parts orange juice, 3 parts Tequila, 1 part Grenadine. Pour cubed and crushed ice in a highball or Tom Collins cocktail glass. Pour in the orange juice and Tequila and swizzle with a swizzle stick. Add the Grenadine. It will settle to the bottom. Serve with orange slice or cherry as garnish.

David really likes this one, although the ratios above make it too strong for me. But I could see it being a great, refreshing drink for the upcoming hot months, out by the pool, enjoying a summer sunset.


Wndy said...

Now that Eagles song is stuck in my head!! :-)

Scott said...

You know, I gave up alcohol for Lent... beer, wine, and spirits of all kinds... and your blog is JUST KILLIN me! :-)