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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Don't Be Scared...

Isn't this a great face painting job? Brennan is a tiger and Thomas is a dinosaur.

We attended the open house for Cummins' new office building downtown. It is a beautiful building and we had a great time at the event. David had to work the open house but the boys and I just enjoyed. They had a great turnout.

For the kids, they had Cummins employees from China and India who would write the kids' names in Hindi, Tamil, and Mandarin. They also had a table where another employee taught the kids how to use chopsticks. They practiced picking up M-n-M's and putting them in a cup. They got to keep and eat all the candies they were able to pick up. And a cool balloon guy and face painter.

I wish I had pictures of the new building, but didn't take my camera to the event. It's really pretty though and the Real Estate group did a great job at the Open House.

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