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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Sound of Music - An Interview with Brennan

Brennan recently taught himself to play the "Doe a deer, a female deer..." song on the piano. He learns "solfege" (Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do) in his piano class, and recently learned the song that goes with it. He hasn't seen "The Sound of Music" in years and didn't remember it. So we camped out in our room under the covers the last two nights and watched the movie.

It was a huge hit of course. And he loved it all. When pressed for his favorite songs, characters, parts of the movie, etc. he started off saying, "I loved it all!" which I've learned is 7 year old code for "I really did love it all - no one part stands out" and not an attempt to avoid my questions. But then I found that once he had time to reflect on the movie, he had a lot more to say.

Mommy: Brennan, thank you for letting me interview you for our blog.

Brennan: Are you going to put MY picture on the blog or Mary Poppin's picture? I mean, Julie Andrews' picture?

Mommy: Well, which one do you want me to?

Brennan: I think you HAVE to put Maria's picture on because that's who the movie is about!

Mommy: Good point. If you HAD to pick one song out of the movie that is your favorite, what would you pick?

Brennan: I don't remember all of the songs (Mommy then reminds him) but I think "Doe a Deer" is my favorite because I can play that one on the piano and because that's how the children learn to sing!

Mommy: And what about your favorite scene (part) of the movie? If you had to pick just one scene?

Brennan: I liked when they were singing all around Austria. I want to go to Austria and see the mountain. And I want to see the trees they were climbing in. And their house. Is their house still there? And what about their bicycles?

Mommy: I'm not sure. The movie was made in 1965 (Brennan - woah! It's old!) so things have probably changed quite a bit. Were there any parts of the movie you didn't like?

Brennan: No, I liked it all.

Mommy: What about the parts about the war and Captain VonTrapp not wanting to go into the war with Germany? Or what about all the kissing scenes? Or all the scenes where they just talked and there was no music?

Brennan: Really, I said I liked it all. I think Captain VonTrapp didn't want to leave his family and he was a good dad and took them over the mountain to Switzerland and they wore shorts (the kids) but they also wore coats and it looked cold when they were going over the mountain. Why didn't they just wear pants?

Mommy: Good question. I'm not sure. I guess their traveling clothes were shorts.

Brennan: We always travel in jeans because it gets cold sometimes. What was the name of the mountain they climbed over?

Mommy: The Alps.

Brennan: No, that's a mountain RANGE. I mean, what was the name of that mountain? All mountains have a NAME.

Mommy: I'm not sure, again good question. Who was your favorite character in the movie?

Brennan: I liked everyone, but I guess Mary Poppins, I mean Julie Andrews, was my favorite because she taught the children to sing. Why is her hair different in this movie?

Mommy: What do you mean?

Brennan: Her hair is different in Mary Poppins? But she's the same person?

Mommy: I hadn't thought about it before but you're right.

Brennan: When are we going to Austria?

Mommy: Well, Brennan, I think it's time to wrap up the interview and get ready for bed.

Brennan: But when can we go to Austria?

Mommy: Good night Brennan.


Scott said...

So when are you going to Austria? :-)

Solshine said...

Great interview, Brennan! I want to go to Austria, too. Can I go with y'all when you go?

My favorite song is "So Long, Farewell"

So long farewell, auf weidersehen good-bye....