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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Easy Ornament Christmas Wreath

I have seen these wreaths on several blogs recently and really wanted to try one myself. Thanks to all of David's help with the pliers, it was pretty easy!

Step 1.
Find a cheap, thin, easy to bend wire hanger. While still twisted at the top, form into somewhat of a circle shape.

Step 2. Using the pliers, cut off the rounded hook portion of at the top of the hanger (the part that hangs on the rod). Untwist the twisted part so that the hanger opens up.

Step 3. Using a hot glue gun, glue the ornament hangers onto the ornaments themselves. I didn't remove the toppers, just ran some glue around them to keep them in place.

Step 4. Slide the ornaments on the wire. Twist the twisted part closed again and bend the twisted part down.

Step 5. Hang with a coordinated ribbon.

I'm really happy with the way mine turned out. I'm not going to mention how many ornaments we lost because I neglected to glue a couple of the ornament toppers to the ornaments and because the ribbon was slippery (David felt soooo bad). But it's easy to just add a few more ornaments and finish her up.

Total Time: About an hour and a half.

I'm really happy with it and had planned to make another two for the other windows (which was the plan all along). But last night we were pulling up to the house and David said, "Wow! That looks great!" I think it makes a big enough statement on its own.


Rachelle said...

Just beautiful! :)

Jenny said...

So pretty! I made one also and will post it tomorrow.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Very cute, Bonnie! I love your colors too. Great project for the kids.

jenjen said...

I love that project! And I love that your kids could help with it too! I really need to try it. So pretty!

Thanks for linking up!!