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Sunday, November 29, 2009


I let my boss know last week that in 2010 I would be resigning, after almost 15 years with the company.  It was a surprise, of course, and it led to a really good discussion.  It's hard to explain why it feels important to make this change, but it does feel right. 

Above are some of the things I want to focus on instead.  David, the boys, MYSELF, the house, and family things we love like cooking, bike riding, tennis, traveling, and spending time with our family.  Of course, all of those things have been part of our lives all along.  But life feels so rushed, chaotic, and focused on what's coming up next.  I want to enjoy what's right in front of me instead.

I've already felt a sense of calm in just knowing that I'm transitioning to a simpler way of living.  I'm still working, but it's much more enjoyable this week, knowing what changes are ahead in 2010.

1 comment:

Nalamienea said...

Congratulations! It's got to be a super hard decision to make but I am such a fan of at-home moms! I had one myself for most of my life and I know I benefited greatly from it.

I think that there are a lot of parents out there who don't take the time to really look at what having both parents working costs. By the time you add up things like babysitting, gas, clothes, work lunches, and all those other little work-related expenses (I think of makeup as a work related expense!)... how much are you really making at your job? Not to mention you'll get to SEE your kids! hehe

Congratulations again... I'm very happy for you and your little ones. :)