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Sunday, May 23, 2010

101 Places to See Before You're 12 - An Airplane Hangar or Collection

In October 2008 when we visited Washington, D.C., we had a lot of fun at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum.  This is one of David's favorite museums of all times and he was excited to show it to the boys.

I had to check with David on these photos below because I definitely couldn't remember what all they were!
This is a gondola of a high altitutde balloon

These are various 1960s and 1970s rockets

On the left is the Spirit of St. Louis (Charles Lindbergh's plane),
On the bottom is a moon capsule.

This is a WWI Allied bi-plane.

And I thought this was pretty cool - a Mars Rover.

We really enjoyed this museum and would have gone back a second time if we had had another day.  It was probably Brennan's favorite DC Museum. 

From the Book
#88 - An Airplane Hangar or Collection
You've probably seen one in the movies, but have you ever seen one in person?  An airplane hangar is likely to be the biggest building you've ever been in.  In fact, certain hangars (such as the ones created for blimps) are so large they're said to create their own weather systems.  Even if you don't see one that big, you'll get to see airplanes in a very different way than you do when you're riding in one.  Your local private airport may host an "open hangar day," or you may be able to set up a tour.  If you can't, try to check out an airplane museum or collection that's not in a hangar.  Any building that's big enough to park an airplane inside has to be impressive.

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