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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

I love hearing about products that friends really like.  One friend is a bzzz agent and she sends regular reviews of products she's tested.  Always fun to hear about products that are new to me.  The problem is, I tend to try everything out and end up with a lot of items that I only use once or twice.

Below are 10 items that I love and won't replace any time soon.

DHC cleanser is wonderful.  I was using harsher cleansers but have found that this olive oil one works wonders.  DHC has a lot of interesting samples that you get when you place an order.  This is one of their products that I can't live without.

I think a lot of people use their cleanser to remove their eye make up too.  I've tried that but really need a separate eye make up remover.  This L'Oreal one I love and have used it for years.  I've tried the Wal-Mart and Target versions of L'Oreal's and they're fine, but the L'Oreal one is the best for me.

I really love this moisturizer.  A friend gave me a tube a couple of years ago when we were walking a lot for the 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk.  I haven't used anything since.  There are SPF 80 and 100 versions of this moisturizer, but I like the 70 the best.  It goes on smoothly and isn't oily at all.

I've tried lots of eye creams over the years.  This Aveeno one is my favorite.

I can never seem to get the right shade of foundation until I tried this one from Clinique.  This is about the only Clinique item I use any more, but I love it.  I'm #21.

The truth is, lately I'm not in makeup a whole lot.  That's one of the reasons I'm behind on the 52 in 52 photo project!  I'll get caught up this week though.  One of the reasons is because I'm working out more throughout the day.  Here are the exercise bottoms that I especially like.

Champion brand is great.  They have sizes that work for me and they are very comfortable, and last forever.  I like these capris especially.

A friend gave me Ethel gloves last year and I really love them.  They're great for handling roses and mulch.  I don't wear gloves all the time when I work in the yard, but sometimes they're necessary.  These are great after multiple washes in the washing machine too.  We found them at Lowe's but they have them on amazon too.

I mentioned in a post a couple of months ago that we had switched from plastic Tupperware/Rubbermaid to glass.  It's been a great switch.  It's so much easier with the glass ones since we can reheat right in the glass and I feel like I can serve the food on the table in them (rather than Tupperware).

And if Tupperware wasn't exciting enough, here's a suggestion on reusable dryer sheets.  I had seen these recommended repeatedly and bought them on amazon.  They are towels that you keep in the dryer and don't have to use Bounce dryer sheets.  They are wonderful.  I believe they last 6 months but mine have lasted longer than that.  I haven't had a static issue in forever, and usually I do in the winter. 
And after all that cleaning, our favorite "product" for fun is Netflix.  We've been members for years.  I think I've only had one time when the movie arrived with an issue and they sent a replacement that same day.  We can even watch select movies from Netflix through the Wii now.  It's pretty amazing.  The boys have seen a lot of older movies that aren't in stores anymore and we've been able to see a number of programs that don't come to our local theater or on our channels - or we don't want to spend the $$ on at the theater.  David's watching the HBO "Rome" series right now. 

So that's it - 10 items I highly recommend and use daily.  I'd love to hear if you have used any of these items and what you think!

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