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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tour de Trails and 20 of 52

We participated in the Tour de Trails 20K bike ride today.  This is mine and Thomas's second year to participate.  It was a lot of fun, especially because friends joined us.  The event raises funds for our People Trail system.  Maybe one year we'll do the 50K or 75K - hmm, maybe not.

The car is loaded down!

My roses have exploded this year.  I neglected to prune them back in the fall.  So I figure I am going to cut them back and places them in vases.  Sort of a pruning after the fact I guess. 

They're beautiful though!


The Church Lady said...

Good for you all!! We also like biking.

Your roses are gorgeous!

~KATE~ said...

Oh, I wish I know how to ride a bike! T.T

That's a wonderful family bonding time! Not to mention, beneficial for others too. Gorgeous roses you got there! I hope that they would explode more and more! ^^,

Here's my Thursday Shoot. \(^^)/

Marice said...

thats nice! i love cycling too :)

have a happy weekend!
u may view mine too here