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Monday, May 24, 2010

101 Places to See Before You're 12 - A Greenway


This time of year we really enjoy biking.  It's something we can all do together and feel good about.  Yesterday we biked 14 miles along our People Trail.  Our city has 30+ miles on the People Trail.  Motorized vehicles are not allowed.  It's perfect for walking, running, or biking in our case.


Because we don't live in a neighborhood that is connected to the rest of the city, we load up our bikes and take them to a park and then ride through the People Trails to other parks.  It's perfect for us because the boys like to climb the watch tower at one park and play on the playground at another.  Part of our trail follows a river so we can see people fishing and getting their canoes ready.

This part of the trail goes under a busy road in a subdivision.  The boys love to make an echo when speeding through.

The trail takes us right down one very busy State Road and under a very busy Interstate.  It's wonderful to not have to deal with the traffic at all. It was a little nerve-wracking the first time we took the kids but it's perfectly safe and a great way to extend our ride.

Another great echo!

Our bike rides always include a stop at our favorite ice cream shop!

From the Book:
#56 - A Greenway
Inside the heart of every city kid lays a tree-hugging, fresh air breathing, nature lover just waiting to break free.  But, where to go in the concrete jungle to get in touch with your inner outdoorsy kid?  Get yourself to a greenway!  What is a greenway?  It's an urban trail, usually along a river or waterfront, designed to connect city-dwellers with nature.  In-line skaters, bikers, runners, and walkers can all do their thing on a greenway without having to worry about traffic.  And as an added bonus, greenways let nature do its thing, too:  native plants and critters abound.  You'll feel like you're a million miles away from the city even if you've only traveled a few blocks.

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