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Monday, May 17, 2010

Book Recommendations

One of the great things about being at home with the family full-time now is that I am slowly getting back into reading for pleasure.  I used to read a book each week or so years ago, especially when I traveled for work.  The last several years though I was lucky to get through my Book Club's monthly choice.  I did manage to read the entire Harry Potter series ahead of Thomas, but that was honestly about it.

I recently finished two books highly recommended by friends and thought I would share them.  If you are interested in either, please let me know and I'll get the book to you.

French Women Don't Get Fat is well-written and an interesting take on an overdone subject.  The author, Mireille Guiliano, is a CEO living in New York, originally from France.  She shares her story of being overweight as a teenager and how a local doctor "Dr. Miracle" helped her re-think the way she eats and exercises.  She includes delicious looking recipes as well.  It's a completely different spin on eating well and enjoying it.

I realize I am late to the Eat, Pray, Love party.  I've had the book for years and mentioned that I hadn't read it before.  My girlfriend said "Go home tonight and open the book.  I mean it."  I surely had to read it before the movie comes out this summer!  Wow - very well written, fascinating real-life story, different from what I normally read, and really, really good.  I even recommended it to David, but he's got a ton of magazines in his pile, books on his shelf, and books on tape that he's going through.  He really couldn't add another thing to his list right now.  No to mention most books he read don't have the words Eat, Pray or Love in the titles.

If you're looking for summer reads - give these two a try.  And, I'm spring cleaning so if you are interested in either of these books - I'd love to find them a good home!

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