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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


We had a great time in Mississippi visiting our families. 
We especially loved all the Cousin Time we got! 

If you know Grandpa Laroy, please don't forward these photos to him. 
He just might be receiving a photo calendar for an upcoming hard-to-shop-for holiday (which would be almost all of them in his case!)

Thomas - 10, Danielle - 4, Brennan - 9, Natalie - 7

January 18th birthday buddies

We loved spending time with Mamaw, the kids great-grandmother!

We took a bunch of photos on campus with Grandma and Mamaw!

I somehow didn't get a group shot of the boys with their cousins Taylor and Ellie.
I think because they were mesmerized by the coolest.new.toy.ever.
That's right.  An old typewriter that David got down from the attic.
The kids were standing in line for their chance to type.
Who knew?


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Did you bring any cowbells home with you (sorry...I just had to ask, LOL)... :D

Mary said...

One of my Godchildren went to Mississippi State. Good to see the pictures of her old stompin ground. I loved that the kids got such a kick out of the old typewriter.

Kristen said...

You always do such fun things, can I come live at your house? My kids think I am boring.