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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

DI and Great Wolf Lodge

Catching up on a few kid photos tonight.

Last week Thomas's 5th and 6th grade Destination Imagination team competed in the regionals.  Their team did a great job, but they came in 3rd place so they won't be moving on to the State competition.  Thomas was bummed but he was OK.  He enjoyed the work on his team this year - it was an improvisation focused group and their theme was Mythology.

David attended the Regionals while Brennan and I attended a church event.

I apparently ordered a shirt too big for T.

Here is his team ready to go into the Instant Challenge portion of the competition.

Teamwork in action!  We're proud of Thomas - he loves this kind of creative outlet.

We're on Spring Break!

I took the boys for an overnight stay at Great Wolf Lodge near Cincinnati.
I did not take many photos - we were in the water most of the time and I didn't want to lug my camera around!

Here's Brennan at the check-in.  Waiting patiently to get into his swimsuit and head to the awesome indoor water park!

Great Wolf is a FANTASTIC place for families.  I would go back in a heartbeat.
We had a nice room with lots of amenities.

I appreciated the reading area blocked off from the sleeping area so if someone needed to stay up and read (Thomas), we wouldn't wake up anyone (Brennan).

The water park was amazing.
Photos below from the website.

With 6 waterslides, a wave pool, and tons of other areas to swim and play, we spent hours and hours there.  The waterslides scared me - the boys loved them of course.

I told David the hotel felt like Vegas for kids.  The kids had free roam of the hotel.  Thomas enjoyed the MagiQuest game best of all.  For a pretty penny :)  he was able to get an electronic wand and roam the hotel looking for runes, along with about 50 of his closest friends. 

Kids were on this quest together, parentless, for hours.  The employees kept a great watch on everyone.  It was odd to just let him go and do his thing.  He kept coming back to the room to check in and let me know how many more he had to finish to move to the next level.  Finally at 10:00 p.m. I went to get him.  He was utterly confused.  With all the hotel lights on and kids still running around on their rune quest, he had no idea it was that late.  He kept saying, "I'm just so confused.  How is it 10:00?"  With lights on and no clocks to be found, it felt much like Vegas!

The food was fantastic.
It was over too fast but we had an incredible time at Great Wolf Lodge.

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