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Friday, March 25, 2011

Updated Bathrooms

Our house is a little strange in its design. 
The master bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, laundry, etc. are on the main floor.
Then you walk downstairs to the rest of the living space including the remaining bedrooms, 2 full baths, a family room, and walk out to the pool and backyard. 
You can find more pictures than you'd ever want to see here and here!

The two downstairs bathrooms go with the boys' bedrooms.  We haven't spent a lot of energy or money on those bathrooms, because really.  But they were pretty dated (our house was built in 1983) and the flooring was getting old and worn out.  We decided to update them this year.

Brennan's Bathroom
Before we moved in

We didn't do much in this bathroom because it's a little boy's space.  I painted the walls the same blue we used in his room and the playroom next door, and I gave the cabinetry an uplift with fresh paint.

The floor though was getting pretty gross, as were the baseboards.  I tried to talk my now-9-year-old into a new countertop but he wasn't having it.  He loves the blue.  And it works in here.  So blue laminate it is.
But the floors were updated to tile and I LOVE it!

Thomas's Bathroom
The biggest changes though were done in Thomas's Bathroom. 
This is also the guest bathroom for overnight guests.
Here's a shot before we moved in.  Shower insert, mauve countertop, dark brown tile.

We applied a fresh coat of paint, upgraded the countertop and all the fixtures and it made a big difference.

This year though we decided to change the shower and floor to finish the room.

Shower insert before.

Tiled shower after.
(The metal looks brass in this picture but it's all brushed nickel).

Dark linoleum before.

Lighter tile after. 

I added some ORB accessories and new towels and voila!

While it might not be evident through the pictures, it makes a pretty dramatic difference when you walk in.  I keep hearing "wow, this looks so much better!"

And now we really need guests because this great shower is slightly wasted on a 10 year old!

The tile floors and shower were all grouted with a product called Laticrete.  The contractor who did the work for us recently began using this product and swears he'll never switch back to conventional grouts.  It is easy to work with and apparently never needs to be cleaned with anything harsher than your regular cleaning supplies.  After what I just went through with our main level floors, I'm thrilled to have updated technology at work downstairs.

And I'm also thrilled that these bathrooms are done!


Kristen said...

Oh Bonnie, it looks awesome! I love the second bathroom countertops. They are so pretty. Isn't it amazing what new tile will do? I just changed my upstairs main bathroom but I am still not entirely done with everything that I want to do so I haven't posted any pictures yet. But seeing your new bathroom might help make me more motivated!!! I love it!

Paula said...

Beautiful! I love the tile in the shower. This is such a great update, you do need some guests to show it off!

Rebecca said...

Hi! Love your updated bathroom!

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Love the bathroom makeovers! We have just finished renovating our home so I know how much work you have put into them.

dee dee said...

Wow, what a great change in both bathrooms! Love them both!
Dee Dee

The B's said...

We're in the process of updating our guest bath - so I loved seeing pictures of yours completed! Love the new tile shower.