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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

101 Places to See Before You're 12 - A Skatepark

A Skatepark

Over the weekend I took the boys to one of our local parks to check out the Skatepark as part of our 101 Places adventures.

We've seen the Skatepark when we've driven through the park to get the t-ball diamonds (a few years ago), fly kites, or go to the playground.

But the outside is all we've really seen.

This weekend we decided to venture inside and check it out.

It was a beautiful day in the low 80's and I knew there would be a lot of people out. 

We saw people on BMX bikes, on skateboards, scooters, and roller blades.

It was pretty fun to watch.
I set my camera on "action" but didn't manage to get many death-defying stunts captured.

The best part of the visit was I managed to completely embarrass Thomas without trying - first time ever. He instinctively knew this was not his thing and was mortified that Brennan and I were brazenly walking in, taking photos. The people there loved it and told me to snap away. Thomas could.have.died.

Of course, this new power I found myself with was wonderful. I took full advantage and he finally came out from hiding and watched with us.

Brennan loved it and wanted to return immediately with his bike, skateboard, and scooter.
My boys are the exact opposite of daredevils so I was a little surprised but we'll have to try it out sometime.
If he brings it up again and I can't come up with a good excuse not to.

And here is proof they were there. 
Thomas recovered nicely from his near-death embarrassment.
He'll go places with me again.
For now.

From the Book:
#5 - A Skatepark
No Skateboards Allowed:  You see the signs everywhere.  But there's a place where skaters aren't just allowed, they rule:  a skatepark.  Instead of grass, paths, and trees, in this kind of park, you'll find concrete ramps and other features designed to let skaters do what they do best:  defy gravity, hang in midair, leap over obstacles, and even do flips, all without ever dropping their boards.  Even if you don't know a quarter pipe from a snake run, or a combi-bowl from a flow section, you should see a skatepark.  Go on a day when there's a competition for a really cool experience.

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