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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Reading Program

Brennan, 2 1/2.  I can tell you his dad dressed him because he's wearing at least 4 layers and a hat. And none of them match.

Our boys are big readers, always have been.  I think a lot of kids are these days.
And I love that.

We somewhat limit our boys' electronics time (TV, Wii, videos, DS's, computer) during the school year, but it's not that hard to do since they have school, church, homework, sports, music, etc.

In the summer it's more difficult to limit the electronics, especially on a rainy day like today.

Luckily, the boys understand why we like them to do other things so they happily agreed to a limit of 1 hour of electronics a day this summer.  Then they realized how easy it is for that to get used up.

For a few years we have participated in our library's Winter and Summer Reading programs.  The kids can earn coupons, trinket toys, and a library bag for reading a certain number of books.  They've outgrown it though, so I created our own Summer Reading Program this year and I thought I'd share.

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Thomas is entering 6th grade and for a couple of years now they have been reading a lot of classics in school, so I give more credit for classics (also they're usually harder to digest).  Brennan is entering 4th grade and prefers non-fiction, so it works well for him.  I can promise you I won't be paying anyone $3 because the extra 2 hours of electronics time is more valuable to them :)

We look up the grade level on this site so we know if the books they've chosen are at grade level or not.  So far, this is working well. 

We have a notebook in the kitchen where they write down the books they've finished and we keep up  with their points.  They should be reaching 5 points soon.  Brennan is excited about baking a dessert in the next couple of weeks when he reaches 10 points.  He racks up points pretty quickly.

Last summer the boys read 22 grade level+ books over the summer.  They're both determined to hit 40 points so I have to buy two video games.  I never buy them video games - they buy them themselves or ask for them for Christmas and birthdays.

But I definitely will this year when they reach 40 points!

A few reading pictures:

Nahila (our nanny in Mexico) and Brennan (3)
The only way he would pose was if he was allowed to hold a book in the photo. 

Brennan, 4, reading the paper on a trip 

 A Calvin and Hobbes book from Daddy.  Sooo hysterical.

Brennan, quit reading.  You have more gifts to open.

Ditto, Thomas.

Seriously, put the book aside and open the rest of your gifts.

The next two photos are of the first day of summer break 2009

Happy Reading!

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