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Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Happy List #2

It's been a busy, busy week and it's been a ton of fun.
Besides spending so much time with the boys and their friends and taxiing all over town to countless camps, lessons, and events, here are a few other things that made me happy this week.

The Dramatic Gopher
Thomas introduced us to him. 
At only 5 seconds long, we've watched it over and over and still crack up.

Stealing time to swim
We've found time here and there to jump in.
The boys come up with the funniest "quick, get a photo!" opportunities. 
iPhone photo

Creative Bloggers
I find a lot of inspiration from bloggers of course.
I especially appreciate these great works of art that bloggers create and upload for me to downloadfor free.
I print them out as 8x10s and frame them for the season.
This first one isn't hanging but the boys circled their "must do summer activities" on it.

You can find this one at this link

Father's Day subway art
You can find this one here

4th of July art
And this one can be found here

Jennifer Anniston's new bob cut.
If I had less hair (mine's very thick), I would ask for this style.

 Thomas's Band Spirit
Thomas had a blast at Band Camp the past two weeks.  This week was Spirit Week.
He got to go dressed for the 80s, Hawaiian Day, in a crazy costume (he was a banana), and for "mis-matched and crazy hat" day.  He had a ball.  Oh, and learned to play a little trumpet too.

So, what are you happy about this weekend?
Link up with Mamarazzi for the happiest linky party of the weekend!

1 comment:

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

LOL that video makes me happy, too :D Great list, Bonnie. I don't know if we can swim this weekend due to the storms, but that's okay because we need the rain! Great subway art, too. Thanks so much for the links :D