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Monday, June 20, 2011

What We're Reading #5

Is it the 20th already?!  So hard to believe. 
I love the 20th because that's when Ricki Jill and I host the "What We're Reading" linky party.
So link up your own latest reads post over at Ricki Jill's blog - Art @ Home.
Can't wait to see what you've been reading!

Last month I climbed out of a reading slump by picking up Prom and Prejudice by Elizabeth Eulberg.  I was so glad I did because it was a great summer read.

On Goodreads several people highly recommended Ms. Eulberg's first book, The Lonely Hearts Club.  Also young adult.  I got it from the library and finished it in a couple of days.  Great read, well-written, fun, meaningful, funny, and memorable.  I especially recommend it if you have a tween or teen daughter.  Especially loved all the Beatles references! 

Elizabeth Eulberg has a blog that is fun to read.  Her latest entry was about her New Kids on the Block obsession and how she got to meet them this summer.  So funny!  I really enjoyed reading about her chance meeting with Kiefer Sutherland since she's such a big 24 fan.  He seemed so gracious.

I had never heard of Flavia or her evil sisters until the 3rd book in the series came out a couple of months ago.  Then I heard nothing but 11 year old precocious British chemist/investigator Flavia de Luce.  I decided to check her out and picked up the first book in the series, The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie.  I'm hooked and have the second book waiting for me by the bed (along with countless other books waiting for me).  Flavia is an original heroine and I loved the author's writing.  Any book that makes me want to plan our next family vacation around the story's setting gets an A in my book.  Couldn't we all just go back to 1950s England for a week or two?  My youngest son would love her chemistry lab.

I always say that I don't read a lot of non-fiction but apparently I am reading quite a bit more this year.  Moonwalking with Einstein was recommended in several reviews I read so I checked it out from the library.  Joshua Foer is a writer for several magazines.  This is his story of learning about the World Memory Championships while writing an article for Discover magazine and competing in the U.S. championships 1 year later.  It's an interesting book on improving ones memory.  Very well researched.  The first few chapters had me hooked.  Some of the middle chapters almost lost me, but I was so glad I finished because the last few chapters about the Championship were great. 

Please join us at Ricki Jill's blog today and link up your latest What We're Reading post!
Thanks for joining us!

Bonnie and Ricki Jill

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Sharon said...

Interesting! I've really slowed down my reading. I'm only reading the New Testament right now. I really should pick up something else.

Moonwalking with Einstein is on my dad's reading list. I may have to think about that one!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I am loving these YA recommendations! I am a member of Flavia's fan club. i have read all three of her books. She is hysterical!


Ricki Jill