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Thursday, April 18, 2013

101 Places to See Before You're 12 - A Great Estate

A Great Estate
This spring we were able to see 2 "Great Estates" while on our travels.
Our first Estate was Mt. Vernon, George Washington's home.
We didn't take many photos, but the boys got to see quite a bit of the beautiful landscape, farm, and house itself.

Then while were in Nashville with my parents, we toured The Hermitage - Andrew Jackson's home.
David took some great photos with the camera.
I especially love this one.

The boys really liked the guided walking tour with headsets.  They listened to each and every one of the recordings.  Thomas made sure to do his in order.  Brennan made sure not to miss a thing.
I'm in short heels.  Look at Thomas.  I'm going to be the third tallest in the family very soon.

I loved this tree behind the house.  It looks like a bunny should be running out at any moment.
Or Pooh Bear.

Gorgeous magnolias.  I'd plant one in our yard in a second if they grew well in Indiana.

Thomas in the garden next to the home.

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From the Book:
#45 - A Great Estate
They called it "the gilded age" - a time in the nineteenth century when the richest of the rich liked to live large.  They built spectacular mansions featuring priceless works of art, private bowling alleys, indoor swimming pools, and grand ballrooms.  They had hundreds of servants who came running at the ring of a bell, and dumbwaiters that spirited food in and out of their banquet halls.  Although you probably wouldn't have scored an invitation to one of these homes back then, today - you're in!  Imagine what it was like to live in all that splendor - even the servant's quarters weren't too shabby.

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