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Thursday, April 4, 2013

101 Places to See Before You're 12 - The Backstage of a Theater

The Backstage of a Theater

 I was thrilled when our former high school teacher, Mrs. Mabry, agreed to give us a tour of the backstage of the community theater when we were visiting David's family over Spring Break.  Through the power of facebook, we've been able to reconnect after xxxx years!
Starkville Community Theater is a beautiful example of a local theater.  I know a lot of small cities that would love to have a space available to transform into a theater. 

Mrs. Mabry was the perfect host for us.

On the stage, looking at props


the backstage area and dressing rooms

props, props, props

cool stairs in this old building

costumes galore

I love this photo

overlooking the stage
 Thomas is interested in behind-the-scenes opportunities like set design, sound, and lights

On the catwalk
In the reception area
We are so fortunate that when we reach out to people like Mrs. Mabry, they are thrilled to help us with our 101 Places.  And this was #78 for us!
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Mrs. Mabry, Brennan, Thomas, David, and Grandma Carolyn

From the Book:
#66 - Backstage of a Theater
From your seat in the audience you see actors transformed into animals, witches, or royalty.  You watch as they fly through the air or suddenly appear from out of the floor.  You see cityscapes or enchanted forests glide on and off the stage, as if by magic.  So,what's the secret behind these amazing spectacles?  Go backstage and find out.  There are "shops" full of props and dazzling costumes and wigs, dressing rooms illuminated by lighted mirrors, set-building shops where ships or palaces are created from paint and plywood.  There are hidden elevators and trapdoors that spirit the performers from place to place, and pulleys that let them fly.  All this awaits you behind the curtains, so check it out!


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