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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nashville Weekend with My Parents

We had a wonderful time in Nashville visiting with my parents this weekend.  We haven't seen Daddy since Thanksgiving, and we haven't seen Mama since Christmas.  It was great to get together, do some sightseeing, and eat some good southern food!
We toured the Parthenon at Centennial Park.  Mama and Daddy have seen the real Parthenon, so they could compare.

Brennan loved spending time with Grandma Nan
We visited the Parthenon in Nashville two years ago as part of our 101 Places.  You can see our photos here.

Lots of iPhone photos that don't look blurry when I take them!

We were surprised to read that there was originally a 42' tall Athena statue in the real Parthenon in Greece that was destroyed. 
Then we headed to the Adventure Science Center, which the boys loved!  They haven't been there in years so it was like new again.

Brennan in the 4 story tower
David and Brennan on the Moon Walk simulation

David and Brennan on another simulation
We tried to eat at Monell's, which I had read great things about, but the wait was too long for our hungry crowd.

We had a nice seafood dinner later that night.
This isn't posed.  The boys hang on Dad quite often.

And on Grandma Nan...

It was such a great visit - I'll have a few more photos in my next post.

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