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Monday, April 1, 2013

Catching Up with Photos

Spring is in the air!  It's still chilly, and Mother Nature gave us a great April Fool's joke this morning in the form of snow flurries.  But it's beginning to look a lot more like spring around here, and I couldn't be happier.
Boy do we have house projects in the work for this spring and summer.  I'm so excited!
In addition, we've got two boys with lots of homework and activities who stay super busy.  We've got our summer camps planned and now we can just enjoy the last quarter of school. 
I'm way behind on the blogs.  Here are some photos from the last couple of months that I wanted to share.
My birthday cake from friends who helped me celebrate.  It was delicious as well as beautiful!

The youth at our church sponsored a Valentine's dinner, complete with wonderful music. 
David and I attended, and Thomas served dinner.
We also attended the Philharmonic gala with good friends.  I was on the committee so it was a busy day, but I was so happy to enjoy the evening with David.
Brennan had a big science project due in March.  He and Dad worked on it and Brennan did a great job!  He was so proud of it!

We have three cracked garage door panels that David has tried to repair, but they needed to be replaced.  We assumed we'd have to purchase 3 new garage doors, so we've been putting it off. 
The garage door company let us know that our 30 year old garage door panels are still being made!
They're made by Amish vendors in Ohio.  So we've got new panels now, and David primed them so they're ready to be painted when the house gets painted later this month!

Yeah Spring!!!

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