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Tuesday, January 5, 2010



Carin said...

That's so great, I'm going to have to make sure my dad sees this one! =)

Destri {The Mother Huddle} said...

this made my day!!!!!
Seriously my cheeks hurt so much from laughing...
My husband is a professional engineer, we call him the PE...that part about them eating the same things over and over!!!!! Killed me!!!I cannot wait to show this to my husband!
Anyhoo, thanks for sharing your souffle recipe, I got some ramekins from santa so it will come in handy!
Also I was on the phone with Aubrey the other day, and on your blog at the same time. I was telling her how you are going to be a stay at home home and it was so fun to see how excited you were. I have to remind my self every now and then how lucky I am to stay home with my kids, so it was refreshing to have that little reminder.
Then I told her about that 52 weeks project of yours, and she had to laugh because she is always saying how on my personal blog I never am in any pictures. Always the hubby and the kids, so I am going to have to check it out.
Thanks again for the laugh!