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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Brennan's 8th Birthday Party

Brennan's party was yesterday and we had a ton of fun.  This year Brennan decided to have it at the Ice Skating Rink.  We had the smaller rink to ourselves for the party.

Brennan, Daddy, and Thomas

We had a bunch of kids and adults skating.  For a lot of us, it had been awhile since we last were on the ice!

Brennan has very little fear and had a blast!

It was Justin's first or second time out.

Haley, Brennan, and Jared taking a break

Sarah applying her dance abilities out on the ice

Tom's a natural since he's recently started hockey lessons.

Tom and Thomas goofing off

Daddy enjoyed it too.  He's really good on the ice!

Now, a word about the birthday cake.  Brennan said that he wanted a "chocolate math cake" for his birthday.  Since I had no idea how to describe this to Kroger, I decided to make it.  I got a large pan and made the cake and used canned frosting.  Then made homemade buttecream icing.  Brennan drew out the math symbols that he wanted to include in his cake and I came up with the layout.

I tried to incorporate as many "8"'s in the formulas as possible.  Can you spot the math error?  This is what happens when David goes to get new tires on his car while I'm cake decorating and feeling the stress of a "chocolate math cake".  And that loop thing is a cycloid.  Just ask Brennan what a cycloid is.

The cake was actually really delicious although my frosting techniques need to be improve a little!

We normally ask that our friends don't bring gifts to our parties - we ask that they bring canned goods for our local food bank.  But I gave up on that this year.  It seems like half of the friends would end up bringing a gift too and the other half would feel bad.  So this year I didn't say a thing about it.  I think they all know that a present definitely isn't required!  But if they are anything like my kids, they enjoy picking out a little something special.  I wonder what other people do for their parties these days?

Brennan has recently gotten into his Nintendo DS and Mario Bros. was a hit!

We had a great time and thank all of our friends (and their moms and dads!) for coming out to skate and have a little math cake with us!

Happy 8th Brennan!

1 comment:

squareby said...

The math nerd in me LOVES that cake! Great idea. I work with birthday parties and I love it when parents bring in a homemade cake. It's always far more personal than the $300 fondant-covered 3D cakes.