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Thursday, January 14, 2010

The strangest thing happened last night...

Brennan and I were lying in bed last night talking and I asked him if he was excited about his birthday coming up.  When he was younger, he wasn't that into his birthday and had no interest in gifts.  Luckily, he grew out of that apathy because his birthday is a big, big deal to me.

He told me he is very, very excited about his birthday (especially because we're off school on Monday too) and he can't wait for his party on Saturday.  I said, "And I can't believe you're about to be 6!"  He said, "You mean 8."

And then my mind stopped working for a second.  That's not possible, he's going to be 6.  I was sure of it for a split second.  And then I tried to figure out how 8 was possible. 

Yes, he's in second grade, here's the photo proof of his first day, but 8???  That's not right.  OK, he was born in 2002 and yes it's 2010, but 8?

And then I tried to figure out if his older brother was really 9.5 since they're 18 months apart.  Yes, that's right.

And then it slowly dawned on me.  I believe I had my first "they grow up so fast" moments.  Everyone always says that but I hadn't really experienced the mind-altering reality of that statement before.  Yes, they're growing, but I'm pretty present in their everyday lives.  It hasn't felt like time was slipping away.  Until last night.  And it was shocking.

So yes, my baby will be 8 on Monday and I know he's still going to be with me for another 10+ years but suddenly it doesn't feel long enough.


Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

Oh, so sweet.
My son just turned 4 and this was the first year that I was emotional about it.
Time is going to fast.

Happy Birthday to your adorable little guy!

Sharon said...

This post almost made me cry! I was just asking my husband a few minutes ago what he wanted to do for my son's 3 year birthday in a few weeks. I know it will go too quickly.