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Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Wrap Up

I set some goals for myself for 2010.  Let's see how I've done!

~~Finish 1 knitting project - I am knitting!  I'm making a cute red hat. It's full of holes unfortunately, but I'm getting there.  I have thought abot quitting this project and starting something new, with fewer "learning" holes, but I'll just keep going.  Brennan would really like to have the hat for outdoor recess so I'll do the best I can to fix the holes when I'm done.  About half-way there.

~~Learn All Songs in my current Piano Book - I realize it looks like a bunch of 6 year olds on the book cover, but these classical songs are not THAT easy.  I've pretty much mastered "Minuet" and "Sheep May Safely Graze" by Bach and "Ode to Joy" by Beethoven.  Maybe I'll do a video for the blog?  For now my family is a patient audience! 
~~Participate in the 52 of 52 Mom-in-the-Photo Project - Yes, I've completed 4 weeks this January!

~~Successfully Complete 12 No-Spend Weeks - I completed 1 in early January and learned a lot.  Planning another for February.

~~Refurbish 1 Piece of Furniture - Not yet but I'm thinking about it.

~~Run a 5K - Gosh, I can't believe it will be possible.  I haven't really tried yet to run so will start focusing on that once it warms up.  I have a hard time running on the treadmill.

~~Go to England - Nope we're deciding on a couple of other trips this year but are moving England to 2011.  That's OK - we've got a lot planned for this year!

~~Lose 77 Pounds - Down 5 lbs and 5 % body fat, so that's good.  Will kick this into high gear after I am no longer working.

~~Successfully Transition to a Stay-at-Home Mom - I have 6 weeks of work left.  I'm going to miss it - love the position I'm in, love the people I work with, but I'm really looking forward to the change.

Overall - very successful January!

1 comment:

Joan said...

I like the way you have evaluated each of your 2010 goals. It helps to keep your ideas into focus.

I am working on budgetary goals for the year. I waste so much money on trivial things. I have a had copy of my budget nearby so I can enter figures and just see where the dollar goes.

I am also working on an organized Cristmas where I complete certain things by a deadline. Running a store, I am so frazzled when Christmas comes I could just kick myself when the December rush comes. I am doing some little things like purchasing x amount of stocking stuffers per month, planning freezer meals, buying grocery gift cards to ward off the expense of food entertainment during the season, working on a gift closet, etc. Wish me luck!