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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


That's an exciting post title, isn't it? 

David and I upgraded our Tupperware (Rubbermaid actually) this past weekend.  We know that you are not supposed to microwave leftovers in plastic.  So after dinner we put all the leftovers in plastic and put them in the fridge.  Then we pull them out, transfer them to a serving dish and heat them in the microwave.  This seems like a huge waste.

  Plus, our Tupperware (Rubbermaid - we always call it Tupperware but it's not) cabinet and lids drawer are always messes that drive me crazy.

So we are eliminating all of this

And replacing it with this - glass dishes. 
These can be cooked in, microwaved in without those pesky chemicals seeping into our food, stored in the refrigerator and served directly on the table. We also have way too much plastic that we can't possibly use - and missing or damaged lids.

My mother-in-law told me a story about a conversation in Sunday School where the women were talking about feeling at peace.  One friend said that she felt at peace when her Tupperware drawer was organized. 

I can relate.


Paula said...

I like the glass storage containers much better than plastic but I still have a few plastic ones in my way. It's funny how a small change like the one you just made makes us feel so good!

squareby said...

Our tupperware stash is crammed into a small space behind some pots. I wouldn't dare take a picture of it! My mom has a nice Pyrex set, but for now I'll have to be content with my mismatched, slightly warped collection.

Kendra said...

That looks so lovely. I'm with you, an organized tupperware cabinet=peace. WHere did you find the glass containers with lids? I've been thinking about doing the switch as well.