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Monday, January 31, 2011

January Goals Wrap-Up

Back at the beginning of the month I decided to set goals for the month instead of the year and I love that!  So, how did I do in January?  I've been tracking the goals on the right side of my blog.

Exercise/Eating Plan for the Month
Spring Clean Entire House
Study Up on Photography/My Camera
Renew Passports
Remodel 2 Bathrooms
Celebrate Brennan's 9th Birthday
Kick Off Wine Club

Pretty well!  We had a great Wine Club kick-off, with the next several months planned for our group.  Brennan had a fantastic birthday which I posted about here and here.  We renewed our passports (which was a lot more work and a lot more expensive than I remembered it being!)  I've been reading a great Digital Photography book and am ready to employ the tips I've learned.  Those I would say I have certainly accomplished.

Partially remodeling 2 bathrooms - better move that to February.  When you're relying on a busy contractor, the timing is not your own I'm seeing!  Spring cleaning the entire house.  Well, I've done a TON and have a plan for finishing the rest.  I've put a lot of energy into cleaning the grout on our main floor and WOW is that a ton of work.  I've got help so it'll be completed soon and I can finish the other rooms.  I've taken more than 20 bags of stuff to Goodwill and it feels great!  Finally, an exercise and eating plan for the month - I'm definitely on the right track and have lost 8 lbs so that's good.  Always room for improvement there though.

I think the month-to-month goals work best for me.  I still need to think about February's goals and I'll post those later this week!


Paula said...

It sounds like you accomplished a lot. I love the idea of a wine club. We'd have to do a beer/wine club because most of the guys in our group prefer beer while the ladies like wine.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

You met so many goals this month. Congratulations on your success!

~Ricki Jill