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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

101 Places to See Before You're 12 - An Artist's Studio

An Artist's Studio

We had the opportunity to meet some amazing artists today when the boys and I visited An Artist's Studio, as one of our 101 Places to See.

You can see all of our 101 Places by clicking this link.

I emailed local artist Laurie Wright at her studio to ask if we could stop by for a quick tour some time this summer.  She was so enthusiastic about us coming - I was really looking forward to our visit!

Laurie spent a lot of time with us this morning, showing us all of the different creative work she and the other artists at their studio create.

She truly went above and beyond!

She and photographer Bob Anderson frame their artwork.
Here she is showing us how they cut the mats and glass themselves.

There is some serious equipment in their studio!
We watched a professional photograph coming off an oversized printer.
They also print the photographs off onto canvas and dry mount them.

We recognized many of the photographed scenes that were hanging in the studio.
I fell in love with many, many of their pieces!

They have a photography/videography studio as well.
The boys were mesmerized by these close ups of sand on canvas.
They were absolutely gorgeous.

Brennan, of course, wanted to touch everything.
He was really fascinated by the equipment the artists use.

Laurie is well-known for her silkscreen art.
Here she's showing us the process to transfer the ink onto the paper or canvas.

She showed us how the silkscreens are built and designed for her projects.

And then she surprised us by letting us each make a silkscreen image!

It was really cool!  Thomas really wants to frame his for his room.

Laurie also showed us two beautiful icons that she has painted.  They both included gold leaf, which she then showed to Brennan because he was just fascinated that she works with real gold in her art.

Laurie's artwork is truly beautiful.

Here are a few images of Laurie's work.

A beautiful mural hanging in our Learning Center.
Image from Laurie's website.

And two other examples of her silkscreen prints.



It was such a treat to visit with Laurie today and see artists in action!

From the Book:
#3 - An Artist's Studio
This is where the magic happens:  fire and sand are transformed into glass, globs of clay are molded into fantastic sculptures, and paint and brushes make a canvas come alive.  An artist's studio is a place where imagination can run free and the only rule is that there are no rules.  No two artists are alike, so no two studios are the same either.  You might see a paint-splattered space with soaring ceilings or a cozy cottage outfitted with a potter's wheel and kiln.  But you need to visit and artist's studio to see how many different ways there are to express yourself and get your own creative juices flowing.


Anna said...

looks like a very fun experience, those silk screen prints are so unique

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

LOL don't you know I love that this is on the list! :D Great post!