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Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Fun - part 3

I love the summer!  Have I mentioned that before?

I've been begging the boys to let me homeschool them so we don't have to go back to morning wake-up schedules, and gobs of homework, and all that other stuff that comes with school starting back in 3 short weeks.

They assure me they want to go to school, which I guess is OK because would I really want to homeschool?  They'll learn more where they are, I'm sure!  But, oh I love summer.

Love this photo! 
12 year old Thomas with a ginormous Panera brownie, before taking off for Jr. High summer camp

Thomas celebrated turning 12, then took off for church camp for a week - this time he and his friend Nate attended the Junior High camp!  Thomas came back tan, happy, and much much older than when I dropped him off. 

He had an absolute blast.  They hiked, did a high ropes course complete with zip line, did a low ropes course, swam, played tons of games, and did all sorts of other activities.  He enjoyed the worship times and their cabin's devotions each night.  I can't believe he's moving into Middle School soon, starts Confirmation next month, and is a babysitter!  Oh, and he's less than 2 inches away from catching up to me in height.  Stinker!

Brennan and his new bike

And speaking of growing boys, Brennan outgrew his bike and graduated to an adult bike this month.
He visited his grandmothers and cousins in Mississippi with David for a few days, and we enjoyed some Brennan time while Thomas was at camp.

Then it was Brennan's turn to go to the 4th-6th graders summer camp with our church.
This was a hard thing for us because he wouldn't be with Thomas this year, since he had graduated to the Junior High camp. 

Brennan, all by himself, it was hard to say good-bye.
And hard for Brennan too.

But he had a blast!  We were so excited to see him that weekend!  We missed him so much!
He was just so excited when we picked him up.  It was really awesome to see.

Two weeks apart.  They were happy to be back together.

OK, I might have been pretty excited to see my baby too!

Out to dinner after picking up Brennan at camp 

It has been hot, hot, hot this summer.
And super dry - our grass looks absolutely awful.

But it's been great for swimming!

We are really looking forward to having Aunt Shelly, Natalie, and Danielle come visit later this week!  We've been planning lots of fun activities while they're here.  Can't wait to see them!!

Hope you're having a great July!

1 comment:

Anna said...

that picture makes me smile because my Thomas LOVES thosed brownies too!
Kate had an opportunity to go to church choir camp but she did not want to go, she is still a home body and doesn't like to be away from home yet. She is excited for middle school though - she is going to be in band playing saxophone.