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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July Wine Club - Piña Coladas by the Pool

Our "Wine Club", aka The Connoisseurs, has really morphed in the last year and a half. 

What started as a wine tasting event with ratings sheet and prizes as in these months where we sampled and rated Zinfandels, Chardonnays, and more, has morphed into a fun theme night with a delightful group of people.

This month's event, Piña Coladas by the Pool, was an absolutely fantastic time!

Hosted by Rob and Lora, we had a wonderful, wonderful night.

Super cool poster welcomed us

Steve the Master Bartender prepared a number of delightful Piña Coladas - I can personally vouch for the Strawberry Banana and Florida.

Tricia and Lora

Mary, Ginger, and Leigh

John and Jeff

Rob, Charlie, Mary, and Mike

I was so excited that Lora and Rob chose the same weekend that my sister Shelly was in town with my nieces!  Shelly got to join us for Wine Club. 

Shelly with Rosann and Baby Emma.  Poor Emma - my flash was too much for her eyes.


Lora and Baby Emma (please Miss Bonnie, turn off that flash!)


Ginger and Emma

So sweet!  Mom (Rosann) and a sleepy Emma

We had another baby in the house - Addie Grace, who enjoyed attending the party with Dad Rob.

As I always say, the food at these get togethers is amazing!  Take a look!

We all want Leigh's remoulade recipe (hint, hint/reminder)

John outdid himself with wonderful appetizers

I know David enjoyed this beautiful pineapple upside down cake (at least one slice!)

And Mary outdid herself with these delicious chocolate desserts

It was a gorgeous night and we enjoyed the end of the evening sitting around the pool, catching up with great friends.

Looking forward to next month at Jeff and Karen's for Mexican!

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