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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Basement Renovation - Phase 1

I use the term "renovation" loosely.  It's really a re-purposing of unused space.
It's probably closer to redecorating than renovating, but I am not expert in either so who knows?

Regardless, we're taking steps to turn unused areas into a functional and flowing space, and I love it!  I especially like that David and I are taking this on together, taking it a step at a time.

Basement Re-Do Goals:
So here are some photos and Phase 1.
Warning - there's a lot of browns.  Color is a goal for this area!

Our basement has the boys' rooms and bathrooms, a guest bedroom, small playroom, and family room that David and I rarely use - it's really the boys' space.  But behind all that is a long room that never really gets used.  Here's looking from Thomas's room down the long basement area.

You'll see the bar portion of a bar/stools set that we purchased to have out by the pool.  Rarely used, floats around outside and indoors.

You'll see a pretty sun room area that never gets used because the wicker furniture is old, abused and not comfortable to sit in and read.

You'll see an empty wall to the right with a blanket hanging, a piece of art that got put there for some reason recently, and no purpose or interest.

From the other end.  You'll see my glider that I absolutely love but it has been abused and neglected, and the only people who use it are children who "take it for a ride" rather than enjoy it to read in.

Also, a tall lamp that is never used, and a keyboard that is lonely down there without the kids' drum set that recently went to another kid's home.

Since these photos were taken in the summer, I'm surprised there aren't two boys camped out in these chairs playing video games.  They must have been at camp.  Actually, they had to have been gone, otherwise EVERY LIGHT IN THE BASEMENT would have been on.

Abuse!  These chairs have been abused by toddlers and time.  A well-placed throw has worked for awhile.

This abuse just makes me want to spit sigh.  Those are Nintendo DS stylus scratches in the arms of my beloved glider that David bought me for the boys' nursery - for rocking my babies in.  They clearly need to be sanded and re-stained.  Might get the offenders to help with this project.

This area is a future Phase of this basement re-do.  I like the wicker but it's not practical.  I've got ideas for turning this into a family-friendly usable space, but that's later.

Phase 1 - The Empty Wall

For awhile David had a pool table in mind for this space.  We were waiting for the boys to get old enough where we wouldn't worry (as much) about a billiards ball being thrown through a window pane.  Then David did the research and we discovered the space is too narrow for a normal sized pool table.  We'd have to go with a smaller size, and what's the point?

I did not want to buy a bunch of furniture to fill up the space, either, so this space has been pretty much as-is since we moved in 8 years ago. I wanted function first - not just a filled up space.

First World Problem Alert
Our kitchen and the pool are quite a distance from each other.
What I wanted more than anything was a place to put food when we entertain downstairs (girls' movie nights, etc.) or out by the pool.  More than anything, I wanted a countertop.

We popped into Lowe's to look at custom cabinets/countertops and found In-Stock Cabinets and Countertops.


We had three 30" cabinets installed with an 8' countertop.
The install technician also put in an electrical outlet area where we could have a dedicated light.
(We have all 4 globes now, updated pictures soon).

You can't tell from this photo but the cabinets are evenly centered on the wall.  And I LOVE THEM.

Look at all that great storage! 

And we love the countertop - the backsplash and the beveling and the color and the pattern.

In fact, we like it so much, that David suggest we do the same on the OTHER side of the stairs.

Here's a photo of this other wall (on the other side of the stairs) just before we moved in.
The previous owners had picked up this old office furniture and had it installed.
While functional for the boys and their computer, David has always considered it a real eyesore and was only to happy to rip it all out and haul it off!

Thomas helped spackle, we painted last night, and will have our new cabinets/countertop installed here soon.  What to do with all that extra cabinet space???  yeah!

Phase 1 Complete, and I am thrilled!!!


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Ginger Zuck said...

Wow, Bonnie, what a fabulous basement. So much space, you are going to be in hog heaven! Can't wait to see the redo.