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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

June Wine Club - Shandies

I've been a member of a fabulous Wine Club for a year and a half now, and there is one thing I can say with all certainty.

My favorite thing about Wine Club is the People.

And my second favorite thing about Wine Club is the Food.

The Wine (or beverage of the month) is in the list somewhere, but certainly not at the top for me.

Whenever I post photos about our local group I always get lots of comments about what a fun group of people I get to hang out with, and questions about how to put a Wine Club together.

It starts with the People, seriously.

Mike and Mary hosted a Picnic-themed party on Saturday, and the signature beverage was a Shandy.
Now, I had never heard of a Shandy, and assumed it was a dessert.
I even looked it up in one of my best Southern cookbooks.
Turns out, it's a cocktail.  Who knew?

According to Wikipedia, a Shandy is beer mixed with citrus-flavored soda, carbonated lemonade, ginger beer, ginger ale, or cider.  I remember these from Germany - they were called Radlers.  I enjoyed a Shandy with lemonade and it was a great refreshing beverage for a hot June night!

Thomas helping prep the artichokes for the party

Mike and Mary were gracious enough to let me bring Thomas along.
David and Brennan were out of town and Thomas was leaving for camp the next day.
I felt better having him close by.
He enjoyed the people, the food, a quiet spot alone with his Kindle, and taking lots and lots of photos.
Unfortunately, a few of the people photos were taken on the wrong setting so they are dark.

Mary, Jan, and Roger


Rob, Lora, and Rosann

The food was delicious as always.
Barry and Mike manned the grill, and Mary made an ice cream dessert.
Everyone brought great sides.

No one ever leaves hungry!


Mike and Mary are moving, so this was the last hurrah before the moving truck came.
I love their backyard, next to a park.

Beautiful summer evening with friends and Shandies!

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