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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mississippi Girls Visit

We had a wonderful time with Shelly, Natalie, and Danielle when they visited us! 
Here are a bunch of photos of the cousins from our great time together.

Brennan surprised me by dressing up for the drive to the airport to pick up the girls.
He said he felt like because family was coming to visit, he needed to look his best.

He was outside cutting a rose to put in his pocket with his homemade pocket square.
So stinkin' cute!

We were waiting outside baggage claim for Shelly and the girls.
A security guard wheeled by on his Segway and said, "he looks like a porter waiting for his guests".

We, of course, had to take the girls to KidsCommons, and their giant toilet bowl/slide.
It makes a flushing sound when you go down to the next level.

Natalie and Danielle in the Bubble Room.

Natalie on the Balance Board

Danielle and Thomas playing Just Dance

Brennan and Danielle playing with the Stacking Cups

Our stroll to Zaharako's for lunch and ice cream!

Danielle (5) and Thomas (12)

Walking to the Commons Playground

Brennan taking Natalie up the Lucky Climber for the first time

Danielle and Thomas on their way to the top

They all made it to the very top

It's a great indoor play area when it's 100* outside!

Back at the house, we enjoyed two beautiful days of swimming and hanging out.

Thomas lounging

Natalie floating around the pool

Danielle with her super awesome new goggles


It took Natalie a couple of times on the slide, but then she was the pro

Thomas made his own version of a slide

Brennan's always happiest in the pool

We also took the girls to the boys' elementary school playground, which is really a cool place

Danielle and Thomas

Birthday Buddies Brennan (10) and Natalie (8) at the top of the Spider Web

We miss them already!
We also had some family photos taken by our friend and pro photographer.
Can't wait to see those and share some with you!

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