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Thursday, July 5, 2012

101 Places to See Before You're 12 - Your Parent's Workplace

Your Parent's Workplace

The boys have had plenty of opportunities to visit our workplaces in their lives.

I took Thomas to our office in Memphis for a pot luck meal when he was 1 and everyone ate him up.  He was the star of the show and hugged on all the ladies in his little khaki shorts and polo shirt.

I was saving this 101 Place until we could take them to David's office together, all four of us at the same time. 

Because while they've been to mine, to David's, and to the company's offices repeatedly, we've never all been together as a family, taking photos.

But Brennan just went ahead and marked this one off himself, not waiting for the "perfect family photo op", so I won't wait either!

Thomas has had the chance to visit David's current office (and my former office) a couple of summers in a row when he attended Take Our Children to Work Day.  Here are some photos from 2009 when Thomas was 9 (and so cute and little!)

Finance Game

Touring the company planes

On a break with Dad in the cafeteria

Thomas and me...

And Brennan has been to the office a number of times as well.  They haven't always been photo-worthy trips, but he enjoys visiting.  We took him there to see the new office layout earlier this year then out to dinner downtown.

Last year when trying to capture a good Christmas card photo, Thomas and Brennan asked for a photo in front of Dad's office, so here are a couple of shots from that stop.

From the Book:
#84 - Your Parent's Workplace
Sometimes when you ask your parents what they do at work, they might answer "Go to meetings" or "Talk on the phone".  On a snow day or teacher's workday, ask whether you can go along to your parents' workplace and get the real story.  Promise not to "disturb" anybody or "get in the way".  Then, pretend they're not your parents and just observe them like they were a science experiment.  Ask questions such as "What do you like about your job?" and "What do you hate about it?" and really listen to the answers!  Find out what they eat for lunch and who they hang out with at work.  You'll be surprised how much grown-up work life is really like school - interesting parts, boring parts, good friends, and the opposite.  You may come away liking school better because grown-ups don't get recess.

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