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Sunday, August 16, 2015

August 2014

It has been a year since I've blogged here.  I decided to get back to it, just to have my favorite monthly photos in one spot if for no other reason!  Lots of posts to follow as I catch up on the last year!
After David got back from a month and a half in Germany, we spent a couple of days at the West Baden Springs Hotel, which has been completely restored.  I enjoyed the spa, great food, and spending time with David.  It's gorgeous!

Brennan and I went to his Middle School!! to pick up his schedule.  Here he is with friends comparing schedules.  

First day of 7th grade (middle school) for Brennan and 9th grade (high school) for Thomas!
On our way to school the first day!

Bailey continued to grow and grow.  Mischievous but very sweet.  Here he's helping Thomas clean his room.
David and I had fun at our wine club party - this one a pontoon lake party themed Margaritaville.  (David's a parrot head)

Both boys competed on their Cross Country teams - this was Brennan's first year.  We were so proud of them both!

David spent time in Mississippi helping Carolyn get settled in her new house.
I love this photo of David, Carolyn, and Donna.

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