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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

February 2015

Continuing with our photos from last year, I'm up to February!
Bailey is pretty chill...

Our wine club went to Mulligan Grille - great table for 16.  We had a great night - fish is their specialty.

I went out with girlfriends for my birthday (starting on the left and going around - Violet, Renee, me, Robin, Ginger, Susan, Edie, Mary, and Gina).  Great night at my favorite restaurant - Tre Bicchieri.

My birthday - 44!



We were so happy for Daniel and Tracy who got married in February.  We hated that we couldn't be in Mississippi for the wedding.
Snow, snow, snow.  We had a lot of snow in February and a very mild November, December, and January.
I always "measure" the inches on the deck railing looking over the pool.

Our pretty neighborhood on a snowy morning

Bailey LOVES the snow.  Probably because he doesn't have to shovel it!
Thomas and Bailey

Bailey steals gloves

And you have to watch this video if you haven't already seen it.  Bailey made use of our shoveled path to create a treadmill for himself.  He loves snow!


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