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Sunday, August 23, 2015

January 2015

 January was a full month as well, as well celebrated two family birthdays and Thomas and I took a little trip!

David and I attended the Philharmonic Cabaret concert in January with good friends. 

Roger and I helped with set up as well.

Our wine club had a Cary Grant inspired 60s party.  We all brought a favorite cocktail and taught the other couples how to make it, dressed in cocktail attire, with Cary Grant movies playing in the background.  Such fun!

Robin and I hosted a big group of friends at Zaharakos, on the residential side.  The turn-of-the-century restoration of not only the  ice cream parlor, but the home, is incredible.  It was such fun to dine on the "other" side of the building.
Brennan wanted to try skiing at Perfect North before his school ski trip.
He absolutely loved it, and he and David returned a couple of weekends later.  Thomas preferred tubing.  It was a gorgeous day to spend with the boys!

Our skiier

It was such a gorgeous day to be outside.  
Two teenagers in the house! 
Brennan turned 13!

We went to the SkyZone indoor trampoline park for his birthday. 
We took two carloads of boys for a fun dinner/jumping/cake party experience.

 And Bailey had a birthday too!
Bailey turned 1!
His birthday photo shoot was a riot, as he can't hold himself in cute positions too long.

This is how he ends up after too much posing.

Thomas got his bottom braces! 
I'm hoping he'll get his braces off around January this year.
We'll see, I guess.
Brennan gets his bottom braces next month.  He's about 6 months behind Thomas.  I'll be glad when we're done with the orthodontist!
We started up date night with the boys again in January.
Splitting up a couple times a month and spending an evening with just one.  Here are a couple of mine with the boys.

 Thomas and I took a road trip to Wisconsin!
I went to a book signing by my two favorite Young Adult writers.
I was so happy that Thomas's schedule was flexible enough that he could go with me.
Here we are at the Mars' Cheese Castle that bff Amy and I visited way back in 1996!

Elizabeth Eulberg and Ally Carter were awesome speakers.
I was glad to see I wasn't the only adult there - they are much-loved by teens and adults.
And finally, Bailey wanted to show Aunt Shelly how much he loved Mama's Christmas gift - a thick yoga mat.  He likes it very much.  Stinker.



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