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Monday, August 31, 2015

April 2015

And now I'm up to April!
We had a fun Easter with friends, dogs, our annual 400+ egg Easter egg hunt, lots of great food, and the Easter bunny of course.

Headed into church for Easter service

My flower-of-the-month club flowers arrived just in time for a beautiful centerpiece for our Easter dinner table.

Bailey loves it when friends and other puppies come over to play.
Mike was a big hit because he knows just how to massage a shaggy puppy's neck.
Brennan's 7th grade band did an awesome job at the state meet!  There is our percussionist standing in the back left.

We went to Tri-State Artisans for a fun night of painting.

Here's mine about 90% done.  The painting for the night was called

David and Brennan built a fenced in area for Bailey.  It's been expanded since this photo and that dead apple tree is gone (thanks guys!).  Bailey used to go out front but runs after walkers/runners too often.  So now he has his own spot behind the house and this area is finally getting some use!

And unfortunately it was time for a serious haircut.
Bailey's "cotton candy fine" hair gets so many mats right near his skin.  I keep the top brushed, but it's not enough.  I think a couple of times a year, this is what he'll look like in the "after" shot.

He loved Brennan's "stick your nose in a book day" nose.

I got serious about the upcoming Mini Marathon in Indy and started walking some long walks on the weekends.  Here I am after my first 8 mile walk.  
Dobby the House Elf and his sock 
Thomas's Destination Imagination team competed at the regional tournament and did a great job. 
Their skit got lots of laughs.  Thomas had a great mentor and team.

The annual Youth Sunday program was so well done.  Thomas and Brennan helped write the skits, acted, sang, and made scenery.  It was a great service.

I had to get off the mower one day to capture this beautiful dogwood flower.

Our push mower finally quit on us so we replaced it with a new one.
David took the opportunity to take the old one apart with the boys and explain how it worked.
Pretty cool, Dad.

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