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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

October 2014

Continuing catching up on the blog. 
Here are photos from last October. 
We certainly enjoyed Fall Break together, traveling through the South!

 Our Savannah/Charleston Fall Break trip included a stop in Chattanooga to see the Chattanooga Choo-Choo.  David and I spent a night here on our honeymoon, on the way back from the mountains on Christmas Eve!  It was fun to show the boys.

And I was so excited to get to spend the night in Atlanta and catch up with the Browns!  It had been 9 years and we hadn't gotten a chance to meet David yet!  I wish we lived closer!
Laurie and me
Kate and David

David surprised me by suggesting we take a detour and go through Athens.  I was thrilled because I had not been back since 1993!  We toured the campus on a beautiful morning.

I took and taught many classes here in grad school.  
Had to see the stadium of course!

And my old apartment was looking pretty great.

Awesome memories across from campus too

I loved visiting Athens!
And then we arrived in Savannah for a couple of days.  I felt like my southern card would be revoked if I didn't make it to Savannah once in my lifetime.  It was beautiful and I'm glad we took a tour of the city.  Great food too!

Life is like a box of chocolates...

On our way to Tybee Island we made a stop at Ft. Jackson. Because I live with a bunch of boys.  It was actually one of the best fort tours I've ever been on.  The historical reenactment was really well done. 

We enjoyed some beautiful days in the ocean on Tybee

and at Hilton Head.  I loved Hilton Head.  I would return there for a week in a heartbeat.

And then it was on to Charleston where we got to be tourists instead of popping in and out for work.  We toured a number of historical sites, museums, and took a long morning walk downtown, viewing some of the most beautiful buildings right on the water.

And then we stopped at Biltmore on the way home.  Again, a place David and I visited on our honeymoon when it was all decked out for Christmas.  It was great to take the boys.  The grounds were stunning, even in October.

For the last 3 years we were lucky enough to have a 2 week fall break. 
While David returned to work, the boys and I headed to Mississippi to visit family.
We stayed with Nina and Carey in Canton and enjoyed their wonderful hospitality.
Here we're doing math by the pond, of course.
We got to see Danielle, Natalie, and Aunt Shelly while we were there too!
And David texted me this picture to let me know he and Bailey were getting along just fine without us for a few days.  I love this picture :)
David and I were Captain America and Hermione Grainger for our wine club's costume party at Mike and Mary's farmhouse.
Bailey was a Tootsie Roll for Halloween!  He looks thrilled, right?

And the boys were Garth and Wayne from Wayne's World.  Party on!  For the 11th year we trick-or-treated with the Borowskis, enjoying Leslee's yummy dinner, and visiting their family-packed neighborhood.  Will we trick-or-treat this year?  I don't know.  It might be at an end with two teens in the house.

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Art @ Home said...

Shelley would like to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design. We'll be visiting Savannah later on this fall.

Great catching up on your blog! WIll you continue catching up month by month?

I didn't blog much at all last school year due to homeschooling Shelley.