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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

November 2014

Back in time to November 2014.  I didn't have nearly as many photos in my November folder - yet it still looks like we had a full month!
Our wine club had a murder mystery!  Here are a few photos.  It was a ton of fun.
David (basketball player), Greg (bum), and Mary (cat lady who likes horses, knitting, and is very shy).

I was a self-help expert who also loved cats.

Our hosts, Karen (the nun), and Jeff (my good-guy, sports loving, slightly dim husband)

Revealing the murderer

Buster, the awesome goldendoodle came to play (along with his mom and dad and two sisters).  Bailey absolutely loved Buster.

This photo slays me.  We sold David's Acura in November in anticipation of his new car arriving!
I remembered I had a photo of Thomas when we bought the Acura in 2004 so I had to dig it up and recreate it.
10 years makes a big difference! (4 years old and 14 years old!)

David's new car arrived from Germany.  Woo hoo!

I love it that the community organizations I'm apart of often hold their holiday parties in November when people aren't as busy.  Here I am at Irwin Gardens (historical home and bed and breakfast) for a Philharmonic holiday event.  I love Irwin Gardens.
And Robin and I are at the Visitors Center holiday party at Zaharako's on the residential side.  Such a beautifully renovated space.

Renee came to Indy!  We met up for lunch.  It's always great to catch up!

Robin and I went to the 3 movie back-to-back event at our movie theater for the release of Mockingjay Part 1.  It started at 2, with 20 minute breaks in between each movie.  Will we be able to repeat this November with 4 movies?  We'll see.  Don't let this break photo fool you.  The theater was packed.

Brennan got braces!  He gets his bottom braces next month.

My errands companion.  He loves to ride in the car but can't always keep his eyes open.

And we got a big snow in November!  Just one day, but it was quite a snow!

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