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Thursday, August 27, 2015

March 2015

Last year's Spring Break was really different for us.  We usually travel somewhere as a family, our big trip of the year like California, or San Francisco-Grand Canyon-Utah, or Germany-Austria, but this year the boys had two different Spring Breaks so we decided to split up.
I took the boys to the beach, and David took the boys to Chicago.  In March.  Who got the better deal?
Even though I took the boys to different places, they both had similar experiences.  Very early wake up calls to get to the airport for pre-dawn flights, getting to practice their Spanish from the moment we landed, check-in virgin daiquiris, lots of amazing food, beaches, pools, sleeping in, dress-up dinners with Mom, and lots of reading and relaxing.
Brennan's break was first and we headed to the Dominican Republic.  I can't say enough about how great this trip was.  I would highly recommend a DR trip.  The resort was amazing.
Brennan loves, loves, loves the beach.

I let the boys choose dinner each night.  Here we are enjoying the flamingos and traditional Dominican food.

Neither of the boys wanted to do any excursions, they just wanted to rest and relax.  This pool was fantastic.

"Walking on water" Game

Our last night and our fanciest dinner - Brennan chose the 7 course Japanese meal.
I loved the resort layout.  Seriously, I would go back here in a heartbeat. 

Thomas and I went to Cancun!
We had a great time despite the fact that someone accidentally took my bag from the airport.  Southwest took care of me though and I got it back the next day.  It gave us a chance to do some shopping!
Thomas is a little quieter than Brennan in new situations so he hung with me a little more.  But I didn't complain!  We spent a lot of time exploring the resort, the beach, and walking the strip.  It has changed a lot since David and I were there in 1999.

Our last night in Cancun.  We had dinner at a Japanese/French fusion restaurant.  It was terrific!

David took the boys to Chicago for 2 days each.  They relaxed in the city and visited two museums each.  We love how close Chicago is (less than 4 hours) and we love their museums.
Both boys chose the Museum of Science & Industry (also David's favorite).
Brennan chose the Art Institute of Chicago as well (my favorite).
Here he is with American Gothic.
In addition to Science & Industry, Thomas chose the Field Museum of Natural History.  He's always loved Natural History museums the best.  They all had a great time on their trips with Dad.

When not vacationing with my sons or walking a lot to prepare for the half-marathon, I had other activities in March.
I attended four!! 40th birthday parties.
Toyi's was so well decorated - this is just one of the many tables of food.

Kari, Poonam, and me.

The Visitor's Center hosted the very awesome Tony Costello, architect, professor, and friend of Columbus.  He did a class on Napkin Sketches, for which he is well-known.  I got to try my hand and I have to say, I wasn't that bad!!  I didn't win a Tony Award though :)

Our wine club went to Taku for dinner where we got to try the sake :)

Once a month a group from the community has Chaos I by Jean Tinguely running.  I had to take the boys to see the kinetic sculpture running.  We love this sculpture in the Commons!

And of course, I find a ton of Bailey pictures to share with you!
This is "why does this family get up so early?"

This is "yes I'll go with you to pick up Brennan, but I'm exhausted and will have to sleep on the way."

This is "Dad, I like your new car."
Dad probably said, "Great, now get out."

This is how he fell asleep on Thomas's lap.

And here he is with his BFF Abbie during one of their afternoon playdates.

And a video.  Wow, my voice is high.


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