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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Crafts

Most people know that I am not all that crafty. I amire friends' abilities to make gifts this time of year. I know that if I were to go in with my "creations", it would not be as appreciated as someone with actual talent.

But I get a craft bug every once in awhile and this year I did for sure. See the plate above? I painted that!

And, thanks to http://valentinesinmi.blogspot.com/ (My Funny Valentine), I decided to try a second craft this year. Decorated ornaments! I hope these show up in the right spot.

My Funny Valentine's are cuter - better ribbon and they look more professional. But I couldn't be happier with mine!

I couldn't find plastic ornaments (sorry, no Michael's here, just Hobby Lobby) and I decided not to hot glue the ribbon to the ornament hanger, but ran the top ribbon through the ornament topper ring.

So if you find something hand-made in your Christmas presents this year, remember a lot of love, if not talent, went into it!

1 comment:

Aleesha said...

Your ornaments turned out really cute! Good job! :)