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Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy 16th!

16 years ago today on a rainy Saturday in Starkville, David and I got hitched. I completely disassembled our wedding scrapbook in order to scan some memories from the past. Thomas and Brennan enjoy looking at the photos every year though so I'll have to do some quick reassembly.

David's Groom's Cake

We miss you Aunt Betty!

Sisters - Bonnie and Shelly

David and J.T.

Daddy and Bonnie

Amy and Bonnie

Donna, Christopher, and Daniel

Bonnie and Jeanne

I'll also have to link these to facebook because Hilary, Joe, Scott, etc. will enjoy these ghosts from Christmas Past.

Bonnie and Hilary - engagement party

David and Scott

Juan and Hilary

Shelly, Jay, and J.T. - Engagement party

Juan and Hilary Bachelorette Party

Catching the garter

Of course, no Christmas wedding is complete without Santa handing out your lingerie at the bachelorette party (Juanca)

The boys are spending the night with their friend Trevor so we'll have to go out to dinner and celebrate this evening.

Love to all of our family who made that day so special, and the 16 years since.

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