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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Write Your Own "Made for TV Christmas Movie"

My mom sent me a surprise package in the mail this week. And BOY did I need a sweet surprise in the mail after the last couple of weeks at work. It was this book ("required reading for the season", she says) and a sweet card.
It's about how Charles Dickens invented this massive holiday season with his "A Christmas Carol". Apparently before that book, Christmas was not the huge deal it is now. It looks really good and I'm looking forward to carving out more than 2 minutes at a time to read it.

My co-worker Jenny sent me an email with all the necessary ingredients to write my very own Made for TV Christmas Special this year! I loved these - she is so inventive. See if you can add to it.

A character named Holly, Mary, Merry, Chris, Kris, Christy, Kristin, Nick, Nicholas, Rudolpha, Carol, Noel, Noelle, or some diminutive of Ebeneezer.

A widow.

A widower.

An orphan.

A soldier, sailor, or marine.

A homeless person who is, it is suspected, actually Santa/God/an angel.

A soup kitchen.

A workaholic corporate suit who schedules meetings on Christmas Eve and has clearly forgotten the reason for the season.

A cottage industry/family business in danger of being put out of business by big-box store/urban development/greedy coporation.

A character who pretends to be someone else.

A blizzard that knocks out all forms of transportation or communication.

Two characters who hate each other forced, by the blizzard, to spend the night in a cabin with no utilities and who wind up in love by the next morning.

A stinky, drunk department-store Santa. Who hates kids.

Someone in a Santa suit who stole something who is now being chased by a hundred other people in Santa suits. Through Manhattan.

Santa who falls ill/is too old/has lost hope, and Christmas is in danger of being cancelled.

Santa's son or daughter who must take over his job reluctantly, or with difficult conditions (must marry today by midnight, e.g.).

A child who knows more than all of the adults combined.

Stupid adults.

Toy freak out: not enough toys, wrong toys, toys lost, toys not able to reach their destinations.

A character who absolutely hates Christmas due to some past loss. Loss occuring around Christmastime.

A character who loves Christmas when everyone else around him/her hates it.

Overworked elf. Lazy elf. Cranky elf. Naive elf. One nice elf.

A character who returns home to find that things have changed. And, in a weird way, stayed much the same.

A character, unlucky in love, who returns home to find their high-school sweetheart conveniently unmarried.

A deer. Could be reindeer. Could be Rudolph.

Miracle snow.

I think writing the script for this 2 hour Lifetime Movie special will take much less time than reading the Dickens book!

1 comment:

Amy said...

I love all the Lifetime movie ingredients. Made me laugh.

The Charles Dickens book looks fascinating. I'm going to see if I can pick it up at the library.