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Monday, December 22, 2008

Santa Comes Early

Santa made a special stop last night in Columbus. We enjoy our trip south each Christmas to see all of our family in 4 different cities. It's a whirlwind trip but we really love it. Especially the boys. And while I wouldn't want to miss that trip, I'm also not willing to give up the Christmas morning experience here in our own home.

So each year Santa comes early. We have our own Christmas Eve and then wake up bright an early to find Santa has come. Our tree is downstairs and our stockings and Santa gifts are left upstairs by the larger fireplace. It's a great tradition and is perfectly fine with all of us that it doesn't exactly line up with the calendar.

Just a few photos that completely define Thomas and Brennan for you. First - Thomas.
Yes, his eyes are lighting up because Daddy got him a Physics Workshop.
The only thing he asked for this year - "The Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Lego Set - the big one!"
And dinosaurs. Thomas still wants to be a paleontologist. He loves all things dinosaur - this is a pop-up calendar for his wall.

And Brennan.Yes, it's a Chia Pet. They saw them on TV and loved them. Brennan is into Garfield now that he's reading the comics and recently got a Garfield comic strip book from our book exchange party.
He LOVES to cook and write his own recipes.
I made the boys their own piano composition paper. Brennan immediately went to work on a new piece.

And can't forget David. Of all of his gifts, he was most thrilled with the chocolate covered raisins.

And I'm going to enjoy my new pashmina and jewelry just as soon as I decide to change out of my very comfy pajamas!

Merry Christmas to all (a little early!)

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Scott said...

Merry Christmas, you guys!