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Monday, December 22, 2008

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

Last night we attended our church's "Lessons and Carols" service. I have been looking forward to it since I first heard about it around Thanksgiving. It was a musical service where the full choir in their deep red robes with white scarves (don't know the name of those scarves!) led the congregation in a number of carols. I love Christmas Hymns and there just aren't enough Sundays in Advent to get them all in. And since we don't make it to church each and every Sunday (sorry!) then we definitely don't get to sing them all. But yesterday we went twice, so I think we're caught up.
We really love our church home - First Presbyterian Church. We found it after 2 years of church-hopping - looking for a place that fit us. We attended a service after Brennan started pre-school there 2 years ago. Their pre-school program is terrific and Brennan was invited to attend as a Bartholomew County student who could benefit from the interaction with other 4 year olds in a traditional preschool. I credit FPC Preschool and the teachers/therapists that Brennan had that year as one of the reasons he is doing so well today. Prior to that experience we were not sure how Brennan would fare in a mainstreamed educational environment.

FPC had a lot of what we were looking for. David likes traditional services, Thomas needs a social outlet of a good sized youth group, Brennan needed Sunday School teachers who are willing to get to know him, and I needed a place to get involved and feel welcome as a family. Enter FPC.
Our church is not that large, but I still don't know everyone after 2 years. It's pretty dynamic and there are a lot of little kids for a church its age. The church was built in 1885 in downtown Columbus next to the impressive Library and Visitors Center. It is known for its social responsibility and gifts to the community. Su Casa Columbus, where I am a board member, was started through FPC. Love Chapel - our community food bank - was started there, as well as a number of social movements such as the Human Rights Commission and Civil Rights were organized through FPC over the years. Of course - this greatly appeals to David and me.
Brennan's favorite feature is the organ, built in the 50's in Germany and transported to Columbus 40 years ago. It sounds wonderful in the cozy sanctuary.
The Columbarium

We feel blessed to have found a church that we enjoy so much and feel such a part of. And the carols service last night was a wonderful way to celebrate OUR Christmas Eve (Santa came last night for us!)

Enjoy your final Christmas preparations. I'll send out pictures of our Christmas morning later today!

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