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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Christmas Weekend

We had a holiday-filled weekend! We attended a couple of Christmas parties on Friday while the boys enjoyed an evening with Lauren.

On Saturday Thomas and Brennan attended 2 Christmas Day Out programs at school and church while David and I got caught up on our shopping.

On Sunday we went to the Philharmonic for their Christmas Concert. Brennan especially LOVED it and now wants to be a Conductor. He pointed out the duple and triple rhythms and when a song was in Minor. At one point the younger children were invited to the stage for a medley of popular songs. David took Brennan up. I don't know if you can see this picture well - click on any of the pictures to see them in a larger view. The auditorium was beautifully decorated and the music was great.

Finally Sunday evening it was time for our annual Christmas party and children's book exchange which the Borowskis hosted this year. Highlights were getting to see the Borowski's newly finished basement/party haven and making gingerbread houses! The kids really liked making their own and eating all the candy as they worked. And the new books were a huge hit. I don't think they've put them down yet.

This time of year I am especially thankful that we have time to spend together and enjoy our friends' company. And I'm verrrry thankful to have my shopping done!

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