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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Boston - Lots of Great Museums

On our trip last weekend, we spent 2 days in Boston. We had a number of museums on our list of things to get to and Boston delivered.

First up was the Museum of Science. I don't have to say much more than the title of the museum for you to know that my 3 boys LOVED IT!

The boys could not get off the escalator fast enough to get to the Mathematics area.

I spent a lot of time watching these chicks making their way into the world.

View across the Charles River from the Museum of Science.

Because we were there on Friday night we got to see some cool presentations. One on electricity that was very, very cool. And we saw a presentation on a snapping turtle. Love his backside.

They're opening a Harry Potter exhibit later this fall but Thomas got to pose by the flying car from the second book.

We really enjoyed the Museum of Science - it was a huge hit.

We also visited Harvard University and the Natural History Museum. It was fun to walk around the campus. There is beautiful architecture everywhere you look.

This was very different than other Natural History Museums we've visited like in Washington, D.C. and Chicago. The animals here were brought to the museum more than 100 years ago in most cases, and some of the animals are now extinct. The museum was first built in the 1860s. There had to be thousands of examples of animals, minerals and gems. It was more of an educational layout than grand exhibits, but well done and very interesting.

I enjoyed the Glass Flowers exhibit. Again, thousands of varieties of flowers and all made of glass.

Our final afternoon we visited the Children's Museum of Boston. It is terribly sad to see Thomas and Brennan outgrowing Children's Museums, but it's happening. There were quite a few exhibits that were just obviously too young for them. But we had a great time.

View across the Charles River from the Children's Museum.

The Milk Restaurant outside the Museum.

The boys enjoyed the 2 story climbing thing like they have at Wonderlab.

Brennan really enjoyed the climbing walls. They were horizontal instead of vertical. He did it!

Building these designs is serious business!

There were other sites likes the Aquarium we wish we had time to see, but the museums we did have a chance to visit were really a lot of fun.

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