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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Newport, Rhode Island

Fall Break has been a lot of fun. We're spending the week in New England. I have been lucky enough to enjoy Boston before, but the family had not. We took advantage of the proximity and took a couple of day trips as well.

First up was Newport, Rhode Island. Lisa recommended we consider Newport instead of Providence - our original RI plan. I'm sure Providence is a nice city, but we enjoyed Newport a lot, despite the cold and wind that day!

We started out at the Visitors Center and then took a drive around the city on the coastal scenic route. We made a stop at Ft. Adams but it was officially closed for the season, much to David's disappointment.

We then took a tour around the island via Bellevue Avenue where there are gorgeous mansions. Many of the wealthiest families in the US in the 1800s and early 1900s have homes there (Vanderbilts, Dukes, Astors...). We were surprised by how many were for sale.

There were some pretty views around Newport.

Our final stop was the Redwood Library. It is the oldest subscription library that is still open. It was beautiful inside!

We had lunch at a yummy place called the Pasta Bar. David and I had their special - a tomato based spicy soup with lots of fresh seafood. It was so good. Brennan was impressed by their homemade Italian bread.

Newport would be a fun place to visit in the summer I think. It would be a great girlfriends trip. I'd love to tour some of the mansions and take a walk on the Cliff Walk that runs between the bay and the back of the mansions. But I have 3 boys and they were kind enough to indulge me in a few hours in a new state!

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