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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Southern Maine

Our last day trip was into Southern Maine. I had been looking forward to this side trip because I have never been to Maine and have heard so many great things. David and I would really enjoy it in the summer, I'm sure. Maybe not so much in the winter unless we didn't have to go anywhere and had a nice cozy fire!

What struck me most about our travels in New England was the complete lack of billboards. The highways and side roads, while inviting to tourists, were not tourist-y and I loved it. You had to look hard to find a souvenir shop but they were there. I loved the focus on the trees and the ocean, and not on the merchandise. Maine was an excellent example of this.

After spending about 15 minutes in New Hampshire on our way, we headed to Ogunquit and Kennebunkport, Maine.

Ogunquit is very pretty, sitting on the ocean, and is home to delicious seafood we hear. There are many, many cabins and homes for rent during the summer or winter seasons. We went down to the rocky coast. Another thing that struck me was the tall pines so close to the beach. Usually when I go to the beach, there are no real trees for quite a distance. It's a pretty area, even though it was pretty windy the day we were there!

We also saw a lot of beautiful fall leaves. Having been spoiled by the Indiana fall leaf shows for a few years now, it was pretty similar to what we see each October and November in our own backyard.

Then on to Kennebunkport for lunch. We stopped to have a Lobster Roll (delicious!). Look at the size of this caesar salad Thomas ordered!

Beautiful homes and views in Kennebunkport.

Loved all the great seafood shops!

Got some yummy maple syrup at a shop downtown. It was a really nice drive and a beautiful state to see! Thanks to my 3 boys for again being so game for the adventure.

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